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Welcome back, my DIY crafters!? Cutting Edge Stencils hopes everyone had a fun-filled weekend. It’;s Monday and we would like to celebrate the start of a new week with some fabulous stenciled craft ideas that you could complete today!? Does that sound like a great way to kick-off the week to you?? Great! Then let’;s get started…;

Let’;s visit Amy, the DIY superstar and blogger behind WhisperWoods Cottage.? Stenciling is not a new hobby for Amy, in factcustom wedding gifts, you might remember some of her previous stenciled projects like this Hourglass stenciled pillow or this Birch Forest stenciled nook. They’;re pretty awesome, right?? As it turns out, in between some of her bigger DIY home renovations, Amy was able to squeeze in a couple of stenciled craft projects last week.? They were honestly so simple she managed to pop them out in no time!

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Coral Stenciled Burlap Wall Art

Amy was inspired by both autumn and the sea to create her first project, a coral stenciled piece of burlap wall art.? She had two stipulations for the first craft.? First she wanted a no sew project. Sounds easy enough! Second she wanted to do something unique that did not involve paint.? Now that sounds tricky when we’;re talking about stencils but we told you Amy was clever!? Amy chose our coral craft stencil (size medium)? and then traced the coastal pattern on a piece of canvas using a charcoal pencil.? She said, “;The high-quality stencil made it easy to trace the shape.”;? After? the design was defined, she used a small pair of sewing scissors to cut out the shape.? The coral-shaped piece of canvas was glued to a mounted burlap square using Fabric Fusion glue.? And there you have it! A rustic meets coastal piece of art that is SO pretty!

Coral Stenciled Canvas Organizer

Next up is a Coral Stenciled Canvas Organizer that you could complete faster than you can EASY PEASY!? Amy needed a a simple way to add style to a glass container.? She took a piece of canvas that was the same height as her glass jar.? Then she placed our?Coral Craft Stencil onto the canvas and painted the pattern in Americana Driftwood DA171 using one of our stencil brushes.? After the paint dried, she simply slipped the painted piece of canvas into the front of a glass container.? We just love Amy’;s CRAFT-tastic idea!

Great job, Amy! We love how you were able to utilize your Coral Stencil to complete not one but TWO awesome craft projects.

We hope you all have a fabulous craft-ernoon!

Can’t get enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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