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People's workplaces are turning more and more towards working from home, the current weather conditions have shown that many people are being given the opportunity to work from their home rather than risk a treacherous journey into the office.

Finding a place within your home from which to work in relative peace and quiet, and without taking up too much room is relatively easy in all styles of homes. Basicallycustom wedding gifts, if your work is related to using a computer albeit a laptop or a full-blown PC, and your workplace employer has sanctioned that you can work from home in theory that work station or place still falls within the remits of the Health and Safety at Work Act (HASAW). As such you need to make sure that your PC screen can be seen properly without screen glare and that you are given the approriate equipment to work with!

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Many people opt to work facing a window, as not only does this give them sufficient natural light to work by it also can give them a view to the outside world which are many is a necessity to conducive working conditions.

As such finding the right window dressing is essential. Probably the most versatile and practical window dressing would be to have blinds, such as cheap Venetian blinds as these offer complete control over the amount of light entering the room, by simply adjusting the angle of the slats the light can be deflected away from a PC screen.

Cheap blinds are easy to install and can be used as the sole window dressing or in conjunction with ready made curtains. If you work station is situated within your lounge or dining room a good option is to have double curtain tracks if you don't want to use blinds, as you can have voile curtains for privacy, and to reduce harsh light on screen glare whilst during the evening you can simply close the thicker curtains and your home becomes a place for relaxation rather than work!

If you have a bay window then of course this makes logical sense that you may wish to use this space as your office or work station. Again you could use a combination of cheap Venetian blinds and curtains which can be in keeping with your interior design style by using metal bay window poles for use with eyelet or tab top curtains or a more traditional curtain track if you have standard headings on your curtains.

Whichever type of window dressing you choose make sure that the colour and design is in keeping with your home's interior design theme, otherwise it will feel that you are always at work!

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A step ladder works just as well.??

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