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custom wedding gifts How to Give a Modish Makeover to Your Home, This Monsoon- floral cushion covers
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It’s time of the year when the pitter-patter of raindrops becomes the natural music for the ears. There is something about rainy season it fills one’s heart with excitement and happiness. But gradually, the grey weather outside keeps you home confined and you begin to get bored. So, how about giving a chic and stylish makeover to your home, this monsoon. Make it one of its kinds and fall in love with your home all over again. Arrange for those home parties and enjoy with your friends and acquaintances at home. Make the indoors so colourful and vibrant that there is no room for the dull grey weather to intrude.

Here are some easy ways to unleash a splash of colour at home, this monsoon:

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1. Bring the Sheer’s to Play: Rains give you respite from the scorching heat and you can remove those blackout curtains. It’s time to bring sheers to play and enjoy the natural light in every room. Sheer curtains are the perfect addition to every home with the onset of monsoon. They will add to the room dé;cor and facilitate the flow of natural sunlight. Coming in different self-patterns and colors, sheers literally hold the potential to change the very appearance of your room. And if you plan to add them as window curtains in your bedroomcustom wedding gifts, then go a layer of lining to enjoy the privacy and play of light.

2. Colourful Window Treatment: Along with sheers you can go for latest curtain designs in vibrant hues and textures to give that colourful tint to the room. You can either play with sheer curtains alone or complement them with two colorful curtains on either side. But refrain from adding any heavy fabric curtain. Keep it light and colourful. You can go for curtains with jacquard make in luxury gold mix or rose colour, which will instantly brighten up the indoors.

3. Let Valance Take Over: If you love to see pitter-patter raindrops falling, then valance is just what you need. It looks classy and cool. Moreover, valance window treatment can be a perfect, lone option for the single window. So, you can choose this treatment for your single, kitchen window. And of course, try to go for a colourful valance with some leafy and flowery texture to give the full-bloom feel.

4. Colourful Cushions: One of the easiest and best ways of making your room colourful and cozy is by adding cushions. You can go for cushion covers in contrast to different textures and prints to add the spark to your room. And the best part about decorating with cushions is that you can do it as you like. So, you can add a cushion to the sofa, chair or bedroom and enjoy a comfy feel.

5. Beautiful Bedroom: Get some colourful and soft bedding sets for your bedroom, this monsoon. Snuggle-in and stay warm, and make the most of this pleasant season. Go for beautiful and bright bedding sets and have a striking bedroom.

6. Other Dé;cor: Along with these linens and cushions, infusing some dé;cor items here and there will add to the home’s appeal. Bring some wooden wall shelves and add some aromatic candles to bring mood lighting to play and keep the damp smell at bay. So, use the charm of candles to spread the fragrance and light-up your home, this monsoon.

Use these easy ways to hone-up anddecorate your home, this rainy season. Giving a stylish makeover to your home will be a breeze with these means. Make your indoors so beautiful that you don’t feel the need to step-out. Let monsoon add to the charm instead of playing a spoilsport. You can get thesecolourfulhome accessories andcurtains onlinefrom Decowindow. Going out in rainy season is difficult, so how about browsing, selecting and getting everything home delivered. Stay busy this monsoon season in doing up your home, call for home parties, and make the most of this beautiful season.

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