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custom wedding gifts DIY Challenge Number 1- Invites personalized wedding gifts
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Ok, I have to be honest, I am that girl…;I have always been that girl and even as I age and mature, in some ways, I will continue to be that girl.? I don't like trends and I get quite annoyed when time catches up with taste and subculture becomes the standard.? Socustom wedding gifts, I guess it stands to reason that when I see something I like go from obscure to trend, I tend to shy away.? Case in point– at one point I dreamed of Mason Jars…; then Pinterest was inundated with them and while I still think they are lovely, I can't imagine them as part of my day anymore.

So, starting at the beginning, I decided I wanted our invitations (which will be going out in the next month *squeel*) to be our own little piece of history.? Now, before I sound like a hypocrite, I have to say…;I am all for re-purposing and taking a piece and making it your own.? So, in this process, I have to give a shout out to and some of their amazing free printable downloads.? With the help of a lovely monogram, we were able to have a base around which we designed the layout of our wedding invitations- a cute little book with our story.

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Now we have the design and we are finalizing having them printed or running them ourselves.? Once we have posted and shipped them all, I will post a picture of the final product.? In the meantime, here is a little teaser to whet your appetite.

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Have you utilized any free resources for your invitations or other wedding related DIY projects? If so, share the links here in the comments!!

Había un gran agujero en el bolsillo trasero de mis vaqueros. Me había empezado a preocupar que mi cartera se me cayera mientras andaba.

A step ladder works just as well.??

Hello everyone!!Hope you find this tutorial fun and easy :)NOTE---that's my little sister in the pictures not me :)) let's begiiin!!