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We truly enjoyed reading all the entries posted in our “dreams for your daughter” contest.? Thank you to our customers and fans for taking the time to let us know your thoughts about your daughters’ futures … we were simply blown away by the many heartfelt entries. ?And now it’s time to announce our winner!

The winner of our “dreams for your daughter” contest is Meredith Foster! ?We loved her story about the history of the women in her family and how they influence her hopes for Emerson’s future.? She will receive a Pink and Taupe Damask crib bedding set!

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Congratulations Meredith!

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Meredith’s entry:

My dreams for my daughter are that she would live up to the legacies of her heritage; both sides have lines of strong and independent women, yet full of grace and love. My grandmother ventured out west with her family on a chuck wagon before settling into NM. She had a fire in her spirit- even changing her name from Mildred to Pollycustom wedding gifts, her beloved horse. She never did what she was the mold, yet believed in herself and followed her heart. My husband’;s grandmother lived in a poor, rural Mississippi town. She worked up to three jobs to provide for her six children. And she never once complained. She was a strong woman, full of drive, yet her family remembers her contagious laughter and grace filled spirit. One thing that resonates on both sides of her heritage is that all the women were strong and courageous, leaving their own individual mark on society and, more importantly, their families. My hope for little Emerson is that her daughter could say the same about her, and myself, in 100 years. That we were honest, loving, God-fearing women who were true to ourselves, and made the world a better place because we were alive.

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