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Glitter and gloss are fast becoming major buzzwords amongst interior designers. Each has their own individual function. Whereas a glittered surface can add real warmth to a room whilst helping it stay right up to date in the glamour stakes, the reflective qualities of a glossy surface acts much like a mirror to really help spread light around a space , making it appear larger and brighter. Finding ways to include a little glitter and gloss around your home can be a lot of fun, all it requires is a little imagination.

By far the most visually impacting way of including a glittered surface in any room is with metallic wallpaper. Metallic wallpapers are hugely popular at moment, particularly in gold or copper shades. They can be purchased in full metallic or where the sheen is only visible in certain areas of the pattern. Popular patterns are floral and striped. If you are concerned that such an elaborate and overt feature will swamp your roomscustom wedding gifts, simply include metallic wallpaper on one feature wall only, painting the surrounding walls in a similar hue with a matt finish.

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Another great way to spread some glitter is through lighting. A jewelled table lamp will do this quite subtly whereas an opulent ceiling hung chandelier will please the more theatrically inclined, throwing beams of reflected light all around the room as its beads and jewels twinkle and glisten.

Ornaments, statues and gold leaf picture frames all provide perfect opportunities to even out the glitter in a room whilst stopping short of overpowering it.

A child’s bedroom is a great place to add glitter as you are not bound by the restrictions of good taste! Glitter paint is widely available and can be used to add sheen to anything you like, whether it is whole cupboards or to create a twinkling night sky on the walls and ceiling.

Adding gloss to a room is even easier. Lacquered furniture has made a massive comeback this year and its popularity looks sets to rise further still in 2009. Inspired by Japanese and retro designs, lacquered furniture adds a really glossy, expensive feel to rooms of all shapes and sizes- making them feel more airy and spacious at the same time. Black and white have so far proved the most popular colours for lacquered designs, with sideboards, modern poster beds and delicate rococo inspired drawers being the best examples of furniture with a glossy finish. You can also now have your kitchen cupboard doors finished with a lacquered front to real space age effect.

Due to there position directly next to the window, glossy horizontal and Venetian blinds are a really effective way bringing extra amounts of light into your home, especially if purchased in white. The reflective qualities of the glossy finish brings sunlight flooding into your home, making for a much more cheery atmosphere- very handy over the winter months when sunlight is at a premium.

Using a little or a lot of glitter and gloss in your home will not only bring your décor bang up to date, will also add some much needed sparkle to the darker days of winter- reminding you that spring is just around the corner.

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